Kildare Derby Legends Trail - IntoKildare

Килдаре Дерби Легендс Траил

Прошетајте Дерби-јевим „путовањем“ преко 12 стаза, пратећи отиске копита легенди о ирској коњичкој трци, Тхе Ирисх Дерби.

The earliest Irish Derbies were run over 14 furlongs until 1872 when the race was reduced to its current distance of 12 furlongs, or 1.5 miles. Starting at the Irish National Stud & Gardens with 1900 and finishing at the present day at Kildare Town Heritage Centre, each furlong marker along this trail will introduce you to the strongest, luckiest or most interesting horses and the key trainers and jockeys of each decade of Derby races.

Total distance of the trail is 1.5 miles (12 furlongs or 2.4km) and will take approximately 45 minutes.

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