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Ардцлоугх Виллаге Центер

The Arthur Guinness Grave Museum is housed in the old National School in Ardclough which serves as the Ardclough Village Centre. This fascinating little exhibition called ‘From Malt to Vault’ describes the origins of the Guinness brewing company, how they got their start and acquired a 9,000 year lease on what is still their premises at St. James’ Gate in Dublin.

The exhibition uses a combination of display boards, touchscreen interactive displays and a short video of the nearby Oughterard Graveyard where Arthur Guinness is buried in the family vault. He died in 1803 and this museum is meant to serve as a precursor to a visit to his grave in Oughterard, only a four or five minute trip up the road over the canal. The exhibition explores the sixth century graveyard and its ruined castle, round tower and numerous Guinness family member tombs.

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