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Established in 1985, Swans on the Green is a local family-run greengrocers, delicatessen and coffee shop committed to supplying only the highest level of quality in fruit, vegetables and other grocery needs.

With strong ties to the local community, Swans has been supplying only the freshest ingredients and directly sourced fruit & vegetables to the people and businesses of Naas for two generations. Many of the original employees still work here which is a great reflection on having staff who take pride in their work and operate to the highest standards.

Trading for over 30 years, Swans continues to bring the highest level of service as both a wholesale and retail grocery suppliers. They also operate a gourmet cafe and delicatessen serving the finest coffee and homemade food. In recent years they have also expanded to include singly sourced fine wines from a variety of countries.

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5, Килцуллен Роад, Округ Килдаре, Ирска.

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