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Брава 13 Бревпуб

Multi-award-winning brew pub brewing their own hand-crafted excellent beers matched with quality food sourced locally from unbelievable suppliers.

Lock 13 Brewpub is a family operated business, which was established over 25 years ago. Located on the banks of the historic Grand Canal in the picturesque village of Sallins in County Kildare, the multi award winning Lock 13 Brewpub has been a cornerstone of the local community for decades.

Whether it’s a light bite or an occasion dinner, a crafty beer, zesty kombucha or bespoke cocktails we have you covered. A Lock 13 Brewpub experience is quite like no other, an unrivalled atmosphere. The only way to truly understand the unique endearing qualities of Kildare’s 1st ever Brewpub, is to experience it for yourself.

Инто Килдаре лого одрживости

Цонтацт Детаилс

Гет Дирецтионс
Округ Килдаре, Ирска.

Друштвени канали

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Mon - Sun: 12.30pm - 11.30pm