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Ларкспур Лоунге

Killashee has been transformed into a luxurious and relaxing Larkspur Lounge, where Afternoon Tea, light bites, coffee & beverages are now served.

Since the late 19th century Killashee has been synonymous with splendid ornamental gardens. Colonel St Leger Moore’s dearest wife Alice loved spending time in her botanical haven, admiring the blooms each new season would bring. Her favourite of all was the larkspur, standing tall and proud, unashamedly proclaiming its beauty for all to see.

The Larkspur Lounge is the perfect spot to sit back and savour life’s sweet moments.

Morning Menu

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Сее Море

Цонтацт Детаилс

Гет Дирецтионс
Килцуллен Роад, Наас, Округ Килдаре, В91 ДЦ98, Ирска.

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Morning Menu Served from 7am-3pm daily
Afternoon Tea served from 12.30pm to 2.30pm daily