Bread & Beer - IntoKildare

Хлеб и пиво

Bread and Beer is a restaurant based in the 200 year old tradition Irish Pub, Moone High Cross Inn. Located in Ireland’s Ancient East, not only is restaurant steeped in history but also the surrounding areas with attractions such as the Moone High Cross, Bolton Abbey and Mullaghreelan Woods.

Two passionate chef owners combined with a family run pub results in a cosy and inviting food and drink experience. The place to go for good food, great wine, quality cocktails and great atmosphere.

Цонтацт Детаилс

Гет Дирецтионс
Округ Килдаре, Р14 Ф767, Ирска.

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Closed Monday to Wednesday.
Thursday & Friday 5pm to 9pm
Saturday 2pm to 9pm and Sunday 12pm to 8pm